All our opportunities are twisted with a trinity of concepts: Biblical, Apologetics, and Science. The student will understand how God is interwoven with the fabric of the world while simultaneously is transcendent. They will understand and learn how, without God, science could not be possible, thereby strengthening their faith.

Another focus of ours is that all opportunities provide a laboratory environment and requires hands-on experimentation. Current trends state that students are losing the kinesthetic ability in their course work as more class time is being done in front of a computer. Virtually dissecting a pig is not the same as doing it on the real thing. We also understand the expense involved in purchasing lab equipment for online course work which is used briefly for the course. Our goal is to provide the laboratory environment, so you don't have to.

Check out our opportunities below and check back frequently as we will be adding new opportunities in the future and give your student an edge not only in this world but for Christ.

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Beginner's week
This 5-day week-long opportunity introduces students to many of the various sciences, engineering and critical thinking concepts. Beginner's Week helps students to form a solid foundation to arm themselves with answers for anyone who asks about the hope that is in them. It is a great way for students to discover their interest and possible career prospects. This opportunity is great for hosting with youth groups and VBS.

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These opportunities offer a classical learning experience in science disciplines like Physics, Chemistry & Biology. These opportunities use a Biblically-based curriculum and students will earn credits for high school. Students will be engaged heavily with labs and experimentation all the while confirming the design we see by God's hand in nature. The student will come away with a proficiency in conducting lab experimentation and an understanding of how God is omnipresent in His creation.

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These opportunities are not typical topics of traditional learning. These opportunities can earn the student 1 or 1/2 semester credit. You can count the credits towards electives or sciences. These opportunities cover theory and apologetics or sciences. Where ever emperical testing can be performed the student will perform a lab. Other activities will include challenges that test the cognitive intellect. The student will come away with a great appreciation of how our Creator thinks and reasons.

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Lab Days
Want to find out what Beheld the Serpent S.T.E.A.M Academy can offer? Spend the day with us and we'll bring the lab to you. Students will cover a concept in science, based on your choice from our list of Lab Day opportunities, then conduct a lab and see the concept in action! Witness how God is consistent in all things.

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